Legal audit

A legal audit involves checking your business partner. You will find out what are the risks related to a particular business, and whether you are willing to close the deal or what security institutions to use.

Why do I need a legal audit?

Imagine you want to buy a share in a company or rent a property because it sounds like a good investment.

But you do not know who you are signing a contract with and who your business partner really is. Does he have any debts, is he in litigation with someone? Did the previous tenants have problems when they rented the property? What is the technical condition of the property?

With a thorough analysis, you make an informed decision to anticipate the unpleasant consequences of a badly closed deal.

What does a legal audit mean for me?

  • We will review in detail where are you going and what is ahead of you:
  • We will check all debts or dispute situation of your business partner
  • We will outline situations that may arise in the future, if courts in the county are busy, and what court decisions the other party has in the past
  • we will verify the credit quality of receivables and the validity of the contract
  • we will find out the technical situation regarding the real estate business
  • we will suggest you the best solution, or contract modification