Why us?

We do not only provide legal services, but we focus on a comprehensive solution for your business, as we have different areas of knowledge. First, we try to understand the clients' business and we personalize our legal advice.

1. A special approach

The structure of our company allows us to always be available to our clients. We do not intend to become a big corporation and we always prefer quality over quantity. We are an independent law firm that does not depend on the help of third parties. Careful selection of clients also allows us to be quick, flexible and deliver original solutions.

2. Contingent fee

We want to ensure the client's that we will protect his interests as much as possible in the form of a “reward based on our success". This means that the amount of the lawyer's remuneration will depend on the success of the client. Remuneration is regulated by the applicable laws of the Slovak Republic.

3. Savings on fees

At our law firm, we use an electronic signature, we do electronic deliveries to the Business Register, the Trade Register or to the Land registers. As a result, the client pays only 50% of the court fee. E.g. court fee for the formation of s.r.o. is 300,- €, but our clients pay only 150,- €.

4. Debtors monitoring

Through the electronic system we monitor the Trade journal of the SR, as well as other portals with comprehensive information on debtors, financial statements, litigation, execution proceedings and auctions. Our clients can monitor all business partners and debtors. Based on that, we can find out in time, whether the debtor has been declared bankrupt or commenced restructuring. The system also monitors every change in the company (reduction, increase of capital, transfers of shares, possible executions, etc.).

5. Optimization plans

The client has an inadequately configured personal system or other economic costs very often. He or she may be subject to high sanctions, which can be minimized appropriately after thorough legal and economic analysis of the company. And there are optimization plans for this.

6. Active communication also in foreign languages

We are ready to provide legal advice in German, English and French to our clients. We are actively communicating with the client to solve important legal issues, proposing several alternatives, and working together to find the best solutions. Each step is subject to legal ethics and prior client consent.