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"We do not only provide legal advice, but we look for comprehensive business solutions for you.”

We specialize in legal audit of companies and their representation before the court. Although our success is very good, it is not always about a 100% success, but often about the minimization of the damage. We provide our clients comprehensive legal advice in the area of commercial law, including tax proceedings. Besides the representation before the courts and the tax authorities and the creation of the contracts, we will also provide registration of your company in the RPVS, registration of a trademark or patent. We also specialize in labor law and we help with the purchase and sale of real estate.

before a court

We will not only represent you in court procedures, but we will also provide comprehensive legal advice and the preparation of the necessary documents.



In the future, we will review your new business partner to avoid possible complications because of inappropriately selected cooperation.


and restructuring

We will thoroughly analyze your situation and advise you. We will represent you in bankruptcy or restructuring and take care of all the proceedings.


Real estate
contract law

We provide our clients comprehensive legal advice and contract development in the area of development, investment construction, green field & brown-field projects.



Adequate advice is directly reflected in the company's economic results, so you will appreciate advice that will enable efficient and flexible use of labor while respecting the laws of your company.


in tax proceedings

We specialize in representing clients in tax proceedings. We analyze transactions and minimize tax risks along with comprehensive consulting.


Register of Public
Sector Partners (RPVS)

We will tell you if you need to be registered in the RPVS. We will register your entity and all other related activities.



We are also dealing with industrial property rights and disputes with an insurance company. We will represent you at arbitration and advise you on bills of exchange. We also advise to banks.


Are you interested in first-class legal services for your company?

We help you resolve the legal issues of your company, develop contracts, and provide you complete legal advice. Please contact us at this phone number +421 948 376 167 or via the contact form.