Other services

Other services we provide include representation in arbitration, registration of intellectual property rights, give advice on bills of exchange and securities, but are also professionals in the banking area.

Intellectual property law

Intellectual property law governs industrial, copyright and right related to copyright. We can provide you the following services:

  • versatile advicein the sphere of private law, transfers of intellectual property rights and know-how
  • registration of trademarks, utility models and patents
  • registration of trademarks where the priority right applies
  • representation in litigation on trademark infringement
  • copyright infringement counseling

Representation in the arbitration proceedings

Arbitration proceedings are conducted when an arbitration clause has been signed in any contract. The arbitration tribunal resolve such disputes.

We can represent you before the Arbitral tribunal, but we can also provide you with complete advice related to it.

Bills of exchange and securities

We provide our clients comprehensive legal advice on bills of exchange and securities:

  • legal advicefor bills of exchange and securities
  • representation in securities litigations
  • establishing a pledge on securities
  • amortization of securities
  • transfers of securities
  • securities issues

Banking and financing

We provide our clients, also the banks, comprehensive legal advice in banking and financing for:

  • credit transactions
  • financial restructuring
  • searching for foreign investors
  • brokering of bank instruments and guarantees, such as accreditation and billing programs
  • receivables transfers and their management - factoring

Disputes with insurers

If the insurance company did not pay your claim in full, contact us. It all depends on whether your complaints are justified.

Did you know that only 3% of customers will enter into a dispute with the insurance company? From our experience, we know that if you are right, we can save you a lot of money.