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 Representation before a court 

"We will use all the possibilities to achieve the greatest possible success of the client in the legal process. "

Our role is always to avoid the quality contract design
adequate legal advice, prevention and anticipating the consequences of the client's action. Even though we prefer a quick resolution and out-of-court settlement. There are situations where there is no interest about such thing as out of court settlement and even in these situations we are here for you. We protect the interests of our clients before the courts, but also other authorities.


Have you found yourself in a situation where you are a defendant in the case
Do you need advice on the procedure and representation before the court?

Or do you want to file a lawsuit? Do you need quality consulting and court representation? Has your insurer refused your claim on your insurer policy?

We represent our clients on both sides and we have many years of experience.


Do you need to be represented in Business Registry operations? In that case, you are right here, we can advise you and arrange everything you need.

On non-contentious proceedings, there are no disputes, but all actions that are associated to for example Business Registry.


How can we help you?

For dispute proseedings:

  • we resolve all civil disputes, including commercial law
  • legal disputes between commercial companies, purchase contracts, works contracts, legal actions that may be opposed, disputes on the bill of exchange, an eviction dispute over property, determining the validity of a legislative action etc.
  • labor disputes between the employer and the employee
  • disputes with insurers due to rejection of your claim on your insurer policy
  • disputes over the protection of personality
  • We represent our clients at the District Court, the Regional Court, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court and also the European Court of Justice.

For non-contentious proceedings:

  • formation of new companies (a.s, s.r.o., etc.)
  • representation in business register and trade register matters and in proceedings before public authorities
  • complete business proceedings
  • organization of general assemblies, representation of partners and shareholders
  • transfers of business shares, subscription of new shares
  • changes of legal representatives
  • mergers and acquisitions, preparing documents for the sale or take-over of a business
  • liquidation of companies

Are you interested in first-class legal services for your company?

We help you resolve the legal issues of your company, develop contracts, and provide you complete legal advice. Please contact us at this phone number +421 948 376 167 or via the contact form.